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We have identified that the hobbyist are in need of information about drone flying just as much as a commercial operator. We will add different content here that you wont see on the Sub-Categories A1/A3 and the A2 in the Open Category.

Here is the Open Category explained. If you have any questions by all means send us an email info@surveydrones.ie we will cover Airspace in the next week or two.

The ‘open’ category section is for the majority of leisure drone activities and low-risk commercial activities. It is used mainly by hobbyists although some DUTO’s run the A2 Open Category course in conjunction with their Specific Category course so the Commercial Operator will after successfully completing the Specific Category course will also receive a A2 Course completion certificate. This is because the extra lessons that is required in order to hold a A2 Open Category licence is covered under the Specific Category course.

The ‘open’ category is in turn subdivided in three sub-categories – A1, A2, A3 — which may be summarised as follows:

Each subcategory comes with its own set of requirements. Therefore, in the ‘open’ category, it is important to identify the subcategory of operation your activities will fall under, to determine which rules apply to you, and the type of training the remote pilot needs to undertake. Click on this link to get more information on the Subcategories Courses