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Parachute System – DJI M300 RTK. The OWL Parachute for DJI M300 drone, specially designed for DJI Matrice 300, ensures industrial drone flight safety and also meets the flight regulations in some countries, save your DJI M300 drone from crashing. only 800g, Dual-sensor real-time monitoring of drone flight attitude, develop on DJI Matrice 300 OSDK to obtain real-time UAV sensor data, the two data fusion judgment, as the basis for opening the umbrella, the reliability is doubled. The two data fusion judgments are used as the basis for triggering the parachute, and the reliability is doubled.

OWL Parachute System – DJI M300 RTK is equipped with a safety algorithm, and the response time to danger is as low as 0.5 s. In case of sudden situations, the parachute will be opened quickly and the speed will be stabilized at 3.5 /s.

Quick-release design, Install OWL parachute, remove the DJI M300 drone arm screws (please refer to the manual installation tutorial for details), use the OWL parachute replacement screws to install the bottom bracket in place in only 50 seconds (the bottom bracket does not need to be disassembled), which perfectly matches the DJI M300 drone, After removing the device compartment, the bottom pylon will not affect the folding of the aircraft. When using OWL parachute, you can install the umbrella warehouse in just three steps, no need to wait, and immediately deployed.

Ultra-high reliability, dual IMU dual barometers, automatic fusion of DJI M300 drone flight sensor data, OWL important sensor hardware dual redundant design, Firefly safety algorithm seamlessly integrates DJI environmental perception data and its own sensor data, once a dangerous situation occurs, OWL parachute can quickly identify and send the parachute opening and suspension instructions within 0.5 seconds to protect the safety of ground personnel and property. Make drone flight more at ease.

Lightweight and anti-wind resistance, fluid appearance design effectively reduces wind resistance and reduces the additional endurance loss caused by wearing OWL parachute during operation. It fully fits the back of the DJI M300 drone for a smooth flight and does not affect all functions of the lower load. The base is reinforced with carbon fiberboard, which is lighter in weight and stronger in structure. Protect the parachute and DJI M300 at the moment of opening the device. Thanks to the use of ABS engineering materials and 7075—T6 (sn) metal materials by Firefly engineers, the maximum structural strength and optimal performance are achieved when the product quality is the smallest (800g). M300’s battery life impact is only 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Parachute control/software upgrade DJI M300 Parachute integrates a manual parachute opening mode. In an emergency, the pilot can skip the system and directly open the parachute manually to ensure the safety of ground personnel and property. we promise to provide strong backup for every consumer who purchases OWL. Upload the data package to the cloud, and consumers can download it with one click and automatically upgrade.

Application Matrice 300 RTK
NET wweight 800g
Volume 19dm²
Area of parachute fabric 7.29m²
Minimum parachute opening height 20m (Only when the height exceeds 20m will the parachute opening function be activated.)
Standard load 9kg (The speed reduction is ensured at the load of 3-4m/s)
Maximum load 9kg (Exceeding 9kg may cause structural damage to the parachute)
Protection grade IP45
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Working altitude ≤3500m
Reaction time 500ms~700ms
Reaction distance 8.59m~20.96m
Classification of wind resistance Level 7
The lowering speed 3m/s-4.5m/s,It can effectively protect the landing safety of aircraft
Duration of flight 1h,Even if the aircraft suddenly loses power, OWL can still fly for an hour
Motherboard battery capacity 210mA
Motherboard TF card capacity 16G,The high-capacity memory card can record one-hour flight for 100 times and record each flight in real time
Remote control date cable OSDK


working frequency 430-432Mhz、433-434.79Mhz
Maximum omni-directional signal distance
(no interference, no occlusion)
Transmit power 10mW
Input interface type-c
Operating Voltage/ Current 5V/1.5A(Instantaneous maximum current)
OWL Parachute x 1 set
Manual Control Module x 1

Drone Not Included