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The Zenmuse P1 integrates a full-frame sensor with interchangeable fixed-focus lenses on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. Designed for photogrammetry flight missions, it takes efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level. The P1 includes a full-frame, low-noise high-sensitivity sensor that can take a photo every 0.7 s during the flight and covering 3 km2 [2] in a single flight. Equipped with a global mechanical shutter and the all-new TimeSync 2.0 system, which synchronizes time across modules at the microsecond level, the Zenmuse P1 lets users capture centimetre-accurate data combined with the real-time position and orientation compensation technology. Create 2D, 3D, and detailed models thanks to the integrated 3-axis gimbal that can be outfitted with 24/35/50mm lenses and the Smart Oblique Capture feature. Accuracy without GCPs 3 cm horizontally / 5 cm vertically [1] High Efficiency 3 km2 covered in a single flight [2] Global Mechanical Shutter [3] Shutter Speed 1/2000 Seconds

Full-frame Camera

– 45MP Full-frame Sensor
– 4.4μm Pixel Size
– Low-noise, high sensitivity imaging extends daily operational time
– Take a photo every 0.7 s during the flight
– TimeSync 2.0 aligns the camera, flight controller, RTK module, and gimbal at the microsecond level.

Three Different Lens to choose from a  24mm Lens a 35mm Lens or a 50mm Lens with the DJI DL Mounts.


[1] Using Mapping Mission at a GSD of 3 cm, with an 75% front overlap rate and a 55% side overlap rate.

[2] At a GSD of 3 cm, with an 75% front overlap rate and a 55% side overlap rate.

[3] The global shutter is achieved with a central leaf shutter.


Hiring of the Sensor.

You can hire this sensor by its self or you can hire it and the M300 RTK System Complete. The hire can range from One Day to a Week or on long term hire. Just get in touch and we can explain it all to you.


Product Name – Zenmuse P1

Dimensions – 198×166×129 mm

Weight – Approx. 787 g

Power – 13 W

IP Rating – IP4X

Supported Aircraft – Matrice 300 RTK

Operating Temperature Range – -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)

Storage Temperature Range – -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)

Absolute Accuracy

Horizontal: 3 cm, Vertical: 5 cm *
* Using Mapping Mission at a GSD of 3 cm and flight speed of 15 m/s, with an 75% front overlap rate and a 55% side overlap rate.



Sensor size (Still): 35.9×24 mm (Full frame)
Sensor size (Max video recording area): 34×19 mm
Effective Pixels: 45MP
Pixel size: 4.4 μm

Supported Lenses

DJI DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH (with lens hood and balancing ring/filter), FOV 84°
DJI DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH (with lens hood and balancing ring/filter), FOV 63.5°
DJI DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH (with lens hood and balancing ring/filter), FOV 46.8°

Supported SD Cards

SD: UHS-1 rating or above; Max capacity: 128 GB

Storage Files

Photo / GNSS Raw Observation Data/ Image Log File

Photo Size – 3:2 (8192×5460)

Operation Modes – Capture, Record, Playback

Minimum photo interval – 0.7 s

Shutter Speed

Mechanical Shutter Speed: 1/2000-1/8 s
Electronic Shutter Speed: 1/8000-8 s

Aperture Range


ISO Range

Photo: 100-25600
Video: 100-3200


Video Format – MP4

Video Resolution – 16:9 (3840×2160)

Frame Rate – 60fps

Gimbal – Stabilized System

3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)

Angular Vibration Range – 0.01°

Mount – Detachable DJI SKYPORT

Mechanical Range

Tilt: -125° to +40°; Roll: -55° to +55°; Pan: ±320°

P1 Sensor

35mm Lens

Lens cloth

1 X Micro SD Card


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